How Wish to Fish came to be...

In Loving Memory


Linda "Linnie" Vasquez

On June 30, 2014, our family suffered the tragic loss of our Aunt Linda after a long courageous battle with cancer at the young age of 46. Linda was a mother to three delightful young men, a loving wife of 21 years, a caring daughter and the youngest of five sisters. "Linnie" was also a beloved Aunt and friend to many.

A few weeks following her passing, my wife and I took Linda's husband and their three boys away to fish for a much needed mental escape. This trip gave our Uncle Mark (Linda's husband) a chance to focus on relaxing and reflecting with his boys. During our trip together we experienced firsthand how being among family and friends while fishing within the great outdoors, provided the opportunity for recreation of the mind, body and soul. This personal experience has lead us to create Wish to Fish so that those in need can achieve healing though recreation of mind, body and soul.


Meet the Crew


Shaun Jensen - Founder & President

A devoted husband and father of two boys, grew up in Staten Island, NY and later moved to New Jersey. With the motivation of his family Shaun has spent his life exploring the outdoors with excursions that brought him to the woods and shores of many great destinations. As a child fishing for black fish, along NY, jigging for cod in Maine or trying his luck at bass he spends his life learning that the more he learns about the sport, the less he knows.

Shaun's love for the outdoors and sharing his adventures brought him to gain a degree in education with a focus in Earth science. He has spent over a decade sharpening his teaching skills while learning and growing with his students. It is this love for sharing his passion for the natural world and fishing which helps drive him to explore new frontiers in getting others involved. The feeling created when out on the water is a  feeling he aims to share with those that are in need of a little recreation. Shaun envisions creating a fleet of fishing boats across the US with the support and guidance of charter captains to serve individuals with a need to create new memories and cast troubles aside along with some lines. 


Sharon Jensen - Founder & Secretary

A devoted wife and mother of two boys, grew up in Staten Island, NY.  Sharon has been working for the same Community Based Organization located in Staten Island, NY since December 1999. During her employment working to transform health disparities within the Staten Island community, Sharon worked her way up from Reception to a Management level position titled Director of Testing and Benefit Services where she  currently oversees several programs. In 2011, while pregnant with her first child Sharon received a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work to support the many years of her work serving the community.  

Sharon developed a love for the outdoors while spending many weekends camping with the Girl Scouts of America. Sharon was given double the opportunity to camp during her childhood because her mother was a leader of her Girl Scout troop as well as her two brothers Boy Scout troops! Sharon keeps active with her family by hiking, biking and kayaking down the Delaware River and on Bog Lake in Northfield, Maine. Sharon also spent over a decade dancing ballet, tap, jazz, modern, pointe and lyrical.  It's through her love and experience working with the community of  Staten Island, her love of the outdoors and her understanding of how time spent dancing can lead to the recreation of mind, body and soul that motivates Sharon to provide the Wish to Fish experience to others by casting troubles aside along with some lines. 


Dave McLaughlin - Operations Officer

Dave spent 3 years working as a Fitness consultant before following his dream to work in video game development. Spending 10 years in video game development for mobile devices, Dave works as a Game Designer who focuses on creating emotionally engaging experiences for the players of the games he’s worked on. While working in game development can be considered his dream job, Dave finds that the most rewarding part of his job is when he hears from the players on how his work has created positive emotional experiences in their lives. 

Dave’s love for the outdoors comes from various experiences with friends & family throughout his life, including deep sea fishing in Florida with his father on family vacations as well as camping & hiking trips with close friends. Working in the high demand field of video game development, Dave finds solace from today’s high paced world through his passion for multiple outdoor activities. Among his favorites, he enjoys playing volleyball, kayaking and multiple forms of fishing such as in-shore fishing for fluke & flounder, surf fishing for stripers and lake fishing for bass.