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 A wish can be made to our organization by the individuals mentioned below or by their family, friends or peers.

If you are suffering with cancer, are a wounded First Responder, a wounded Veteran or a child, 19 years old or younger who have or have had a parent or sibling that fits one of the criteria listed above, we invite you to come fish with us!

Submit a Wish! by completing the required blank fields in the section below and by completing the Fishing Liability Form and Medical Release Form (if applicable) from the links found at the bottom of the Wish Form.

When completed, please scan and email the forms to customercare@wishtofishusa.org 


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Photo Disclaimer

 We would like to capture photos of our guests and visitors to be used on social media sites including our Website, Facebook page and other printed materials such as our brochure. We respect your privacy and request your permission to take an occasional photo of you during your excursion with Wish to Fish.

Please indicate your permission by stating "Yes" or "No" in the photo permission field. 

Please also download and complete the Fishing Liability Form and Medical Release Form (if applicable) from the links below.  When completed, please scan and email them to customercare@wishtofishusa.org 

Fishing Liability Form (docx)


Medical Release Form (docx)


Recreation of Mind, Body & Soul through Fishing

Fishing is a unique activity in which people can have a variety of rewarding experiences from one simple trip.

When fishing, one can easily get lost in the beauty and serenity of nature around them, giving them a release from the stresses of everyday life.



Fishing also challenges both the mind and body when a fish bites your line and you have to figure out how to successfully get the fish in your boat. This small but meaningful challenge is enough to relieve stress as well as give a huge rewarding feeling for a well earned accomplishment.

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